Chris Grey - a short history

Chris first started working in the TV industry in 1986 in Soho, London. He began as a runner at SVC and later at Molinare where he progressed to VT Op responsible for edit assisting and doing 5 machine record and replay for 'A Week in Politics'. He later went on to become an online linear editor at Visions.

In 1990 he moved to Hamburg in Germany where he headed postproduction at VCC as the company grew. During this time non-linear editing was invented and he was one of the first editors to switch over, using Avid for offlining and Quantel's 'Henry' for high end finishing. His regular clients included JWT, Springer Jacobi and all the main advertising agencies at the time. Chris, by now a fluent German speaker, went on to help set up post houses in Berlin and Frankfurt for VCC.

In 1996 he returned to the UK and worked as a freelance editor for channels such as Sci-Fi, Discovery and CNN amongst others. In 1999 he once again took on a full time role heading the postproduction team at Bruce Dunlop & Associates working with a client list including Sky, Discovery and Disney as well as setting up a multi-language versioning workflow for the Hallmark Channel.

Chris moved to Brighton where in 2008 he set up Jack Robinson post production. Using Cinema 4d for 3d graphics, After Effects for compositing, Premier Pro and Final Cut Pro for editing and Boujou for motion tracking. He delivers high quality broadcast films over high speed internet at competitive prices to clients such as Brothers and Sisters, Green Parakeet, Beitak, BMX Live TV, Kingston Linassi, Film & Content, Smallfilms and many more.